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Micro-Chipping Info

Having your pet micro-chipped gives you peace of mind in knowing IF your pet were to EVER get lost or stolen there is HOPE your pet could be returned home safely.

I am writing this article for pet owners that have questions as to why micro-chipping is so important.  I have also provided examples to the importance of micro-chipping and explained how the procedure is done.                    

ALL pets should be micro-chipped! To many times it's said, "My pet NEVER gets out of my sight, so I don't need to worry about my pet ever getting lost or stolen" WRONG!! All it takes is a split second for your pet to be gone!!! even if it's only to potty, your pet should be micro-chipped & registered.  Here's why... all dogs & cats chase squirrels and rodents, this is usually how the pet gets lost!! You let your pet out to potty, it sees a squirrel or rodent and takes off! animals don't think about where they are going or how far they are traveling all they care about is catching whatever it is they are chasing, your pet gets lost in the process and in some incidents are over 30 miles away from home. Now think about this... some one finds your lost pet, takes it to the nearest veterinarian to have it scanned for a microchip, there is NO microchip or tags! No one knows who owns this pet!  Now it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where your pet is going to end up? what about you? How would you be feeling right about now? The question is...is it worth the chance??  Now if your lost pet had been micro-chipped & registered, the veterinarian would scan your pet to see if the pet had a microchip, if the pet had a microchip, he would then look up the microchip number in the data base to find your contact information. Once they have your information, they are able to notify you by phone or address. So, you see because you cared enough to have your pet microchipped and took the time register it, they were able to find out who the pet belonged too, appose to not having your pet microchipped because you didn't think your pet would ever get lost!! peace of mind is the key word here. 

Now let's say your pet had tags with your name & phone number on them, tags are NOT PERMANENT they can get LOST and can be REMOVED. Microchips ARE PERMANENT!  If someone were to take your pet with tags all they would have to do is remove the tags and the pet belongs to them! If the pet is not papered there would be no way you could EVER prove the pet belongs to you!!

I hope this page helped you understand the importance of micro-chipping and registering your pets! ALL veterinarians and shelters have versatile scanners that will scan any type of microchip and once registered with any company is located in the nationwide database, so it doesn't matter what type of a microchip your pet has or the company you go through to register, your pet's chip will be in the nationwide database.  Thank you for caring enough to read this article!!

Micro-chipping is a very simple procedure, the chip is implanted with a needle approximately two inches below the neckline just between the shoulder blades and is as simple as receiving a shot.  I have micro-chipped several pets and most of them don't know what's happening.

Normally the cost to register your pets microchip in the nationwide database is $26.95 no matter what company you go through but when you get your puppy from me, he/she will be microchipped & you will also get information on how to register your puppy's microchip at no cost to you.