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My Females


Teagan came to us all the way from Hungry on March 25, 2016. Teagan coloring is just beautiful, she is a silver point SOLID blue (no brindle. Teagan is only 19 lbs, she has a short back, is low to the ground & has a thick neck with a nice square head. Teagan is a perfect example of what a French bulldog should look like, I am thrilled to have found this little girl. Not only is Teagan perfect in looks she also has a very sweet personality. Teagan loves to be held and likes to cuddle, she gets along great with all the other dogs especially Tobias. Teagan doesn't really have a favorite toy but she absolutely loves the jerky nylabones. Below are pictures of Teagan's mon & dad.
 Dad- Pusztavolgy-Harcos Bloody                Mom- Erina De Golden Line Ada


Rikia came  to us from Columbia SC on June 24, 2017. Rikia is the newest addition to my breeding line. Rikia is a beautiful blue piebald, she is all white with just the blue markings on her face. She carries the blue & tan gene as well as the chocolate gene she also has a dominate black gene (k). Rikia's father was solid blue & her mother was solid chocolate. Rikia is a very affectionate dog, she loves to be on your lap and loves to cuddle. Rikia likes most dog toys but likes jerky bones the most. Rikia gets along well with all the dogs and is very people friendly.


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