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Puppy Sales Contract

Puppy Sales Contract
French Bulldog
Puppy Sales Contract                                           One Year Health Guarantee  
 Breed: French Bulldog     DOB:                     SEX:                   CALL NAME:                                                                        
DAM:                                                                           SIRE:                                                                  
DATE RECEIVED:                      L/F REG:                      PURCHASE PRICE:                                                   
This puppy is guaranteed to be in good health however to validate this guarantee buyer must have puppy
examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of receiving puppy. Buyer must inform seller by phone or
email the vet check results within 24 hours of the veterinary exam.  If seller is contacted by phone a written statement is also requested from seller of the results and seller must receive written statement by mail within 5 days of phone call. Failure to do so in the time frame stated will result in cancellation of this agreement.

Buyers are required to provide puppy with routine preventative care
such as but not limited to:

1. Annual physical checkup exams
2. Vet guidelines on de-worming, heart worm/flea preventives & vaccines
3. Corrective housing, including air conditioning
4. Veterinarian care when needed

This Puppy Is Warranted For 1 Year Against Fatal And Life Altering Congenital Diseases: 
Includes sever hip dyspepsia, kidney, heart, pancreas, spine and liver problems. Conditions must be of a severe
life threatening nature.

Puppy must show defect within one year of age. Seller must be notified

of problem within two days of diagnosis. Buyer must have reports from two licensed veterinarians from two unassociated veterinarian clinics, these
reports must reach diagnosis and conclusion. Buyer must obtain all vet records and get them to seller within five days of first diagnosis. Buyers must return puppy to seller within ten days of report of first diagnosis. Seller will replace affected puppy of equal value within one year of the affected puppy's return. Affected puppy must be in good condition other than the specified problem. Buyer is responsible for ALL shipping cost, includes shipping affected puppy to seller as well as shipping replacement puppy back to buyer. No replacement will be given to   buyer if affected puppy is euthanized without seller's permission. If puppy should die within the one year
warranty, buyer is required to have an autopsy performed to determine cause of death. No replacement will be given if affected puppy dies and buyer does not perform an autopsy or autopsy does not show any congenital defect cause by genetics. If the report confirms it is congenitally genetic seller will replace the puppy within one year of the veterinary report NO full or partial refunds will be given to buyer for affected puppy. Affected puppy
is by REPLACEMENT ONLY, will be chosen by seller and may NOT be from the same parents as the
original puppy.

Puppy is warranted against parvo virus and distemper for 48 hours upon receiving puppy. Buyer must have an
ELISA test performed within 48 hours claiming either of these viruses. 

This contract does NOT cover normal conditions of the breed such as: cherry eye, entropion or ectropion, loose hips or knees, ivdd, allergies,
soft palate issues, stenotic nares, inverted tails, skin allergies, fertility issues,
parasitic, fungal or bacterial infection, respiratory infection,

undescended testicles, uneven bites, localized demodex, etc.
Coccidiosis or kennel cough is also not covered in this contract, both of which can be common in puppies. Coccidiosis is a parasite that is commonly found in puppies, kennel cough is self-limiting (like the
common cold), full recovery is expected  with medication or on it's own and is not life threatening. A puppy that
has dies from anesthesia as a result of being put under for surgery etc. is not covered in this contract. Putting a bulldog under requires a skilled and knowledgeable vet and all necessary precautions to be in place.

physical problem which is or could be caused by accident, injury,

neglect or poor diet is also not covered in this contract.

Buyers are required to sign a contract prior to puppy being shipped or picked up. Buyers that require puppy to be shipped can request to receive contract by email or by mail. If contract is sent by mail two signed/dated copies
will be sent. One copy needs to be signed/dated and returned back to seller in a timely manner either by mail or email. Failure to return signed contract to seller prior to puppy's ship out date will result in cancellation of this contract, which means buyer will forfeit any right to

compensation from seller ever.

Prior to leaving puppy will have been vet checked, current on vaccines, dew claws removed and micro-chipped.

It is understood that seller assume no responsibility after puppy leaves the premises for any change of mind on buyers part such as; landlord's disapproval, allergies, disagreement of family, trouble with housebreaking, etc. Puppy comes with limited AKC litter registration application, registration will be mailed to buyer directly
following verification to seller from a licensed veterinarian that spay/neuter procedure of said puppy has been performed. Full registration is given at the time of pick up or sent by mail prior to puppy's ship out date. Buyer assumes full responsibility for toys, treats, bones, etc. given to puppy as gifts by seller.

It is understood should buyer choose to pursue a disputed situation in a court of law, buyer understands that
place of venue and jurisdiction is to be in Ingham County, Michigan. It is further understood buyer will be responsible for all seller's attorney fees.

It is understood seller is NOT responsible for ANY veterinarian medical expenses.

It is understood this contract ONLY applies to original buyer and is NOT transferable.

It is further understood there are NO other warranties either expressed or implied to said puppy except as
set forth in this agreement. By signing this health contract buyer agrees and accepts all terms and conditions implemented in this contract. 

Puppy's diet has been Purina Pro Plan Shredded Dry Puppy Food. Most puppies undergoing a change in environment, diet, water, etc. may have

a stomach upset with diarrhea, safe to give Pepcid AC or Zantac,
consult your veterinarian for dosage.

Buyer's Name (Print):                                                          

Buyer's Sig:                                               Co-Buyer's Sig:                                                

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City, State, Zip Code (Print):                                                                              

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