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Spay/Neuter Agreement

French Bulldog                        Spay/Neuter Agreement



               DAM:__________________  SIRE:____________________


       VIOLATION FEE:_______________ DOG COLOR:________________


I agree to have the puppy I purchased from Debra Scott altered no later then __________ by a licensed veterinarian of my choosing. I acknowledge that I am responsible for all cost associated with the spay/neuter of my pet and Debra Scott bears no obligation for these costs.

I understand by voluntarily signing this agreement, I am entering into a legal and binding contract with Debra Scott. I understand I am required to have the puppy I purchased from Debra Scott spayed/neutered by the date stated in this contract. I further understand I am required to present Debra Scott with verification from a license veterinarian of puppy's spay/neuter procedure by text email or mail within 24 hours of surgery and puppy's limited AKC litter registration form will be mailed to me thereafter.

I further understand failure to have the dog I purchased from Debra Scott spayed/neutered & failure to present Debra Scott with puppy's spay/neuter documentation within the time frames given IS a violation of this agreement and is obligated to pay Debra Scott the violation fee (cost of full breeding rights) stated above. I also understand once I render the violation fee to Debra Scott I will receive by mail within thirty days puppy's full AKC litter registration form.

Should Debra Scott have to pursue collection in a court of law, I understand that place of venue and jurisdiction will be in Ingham County Michigan. I further understand I will be responsible for all court cost and Debra Scott's attorney fees.

I certify that I have read and understand the terms of this spay/neuter agreement. I acknowledge that failure to comply with these terms shall be considered a breach of contract and will result in immediate actions by seller to collect payment for full breeding rights (violation fee).

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Date: _____________________________________

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