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Stud Service

                  AKC Stud Service By Artificial Insemination

Offer My Boy Remi For Stud Service. Remi Is A Beautiful Blue Covered In Cream That Has An Awsome Color DNA Panel, Remi Also Come From A Long Line Of Champion Bloodline, His Father Being The One And Only Apollo Ghost. Remi Is Proven And His Past Three Litters Have Been Eight & Nine Puppies. Remi's Color DNA Is d/d e/e s/n co/no ay/at Plus One Copy Of Saddle Tan & One Copy Of Dominant Black.

I offer two options for stud service:

First Option: Bring your female to me......

I handle the collecting and inserting of the fresh semen which includes up to three artificial insemination's, additional AI if needed is $100.00.

How this works, the female is brought to me for her first AI when it's time. First breeding usually falls around the 9th Or 10th day after the first day of bleeding, but can very, then breed every other day for the remaining two AI's (day 10, 12 & 14th day) to be sure her fertile days are covered. Note: I do not board the female so female will need to come back for each insemination. During the female's heat you should also see signs from the female that would indicate that she is in standing heat & ready to be bred. There are some females that don't show any signs, if this happens you may want to do a fourth AI to be sure or have a progesterone test done so you would know her exact day.

Second Option: Fresh chilled semen is shipped directly to you or your vet.

This is a process that allows me to share my stud with those whom are not in the same location. It is a rather simple process and is a great way for me to provide semen to breeders anywhere in the USA. Price for this service is $2000.00 plus $300.00 for express shipping and extender kit (shipping prices can vary depending on the region). Saturday is a premium shipping day so if a Saturday delivery is required there will be additional charges. If a second or third shipment is required there will be no cost for the semen but you will be required to pay $300.00 for express shipping and extender kit for each shipment.

If I am shipping semen to you or your vet and you are only receiving one shipment, you will want to be sure to have semen inserted in your bitch on her prime day. I recommend taking your bitch to your vet on her fifth day from first day you notice bleeding for a progesterone test. This is the most accurate of test and can narrow it down to exact day of your bitch's prime. Taking your bitch for a progesterone test on the fifth day will cover you in case you may have missed the first or second day of her bleeding. It also gives you a day for the test to come back so it would cover all your bases for being too late.

The success ratio for fresh semen is 87 - 92%

The success ratio for chilled semen is 80 - 85%

I require at least a week advance notice if you would like semen shipped to you or your vet (it's best to notify me the first day of your female's heat), I need time to order and receive supplies before shipping. You will then notify me a second time to let me know when to ship. I need to know by 12:00 p.m. the day before if you need semen for the next morning. Note: fed-ex & ups does not ship on Sundays, if you need semen for a Sunday insemination I would have to ship on a Friday for a Saturday delivery and you would have to refrigerate until needed. (Extra cost will apply since Saturday is a premier shipping day). If notified on a Saturday, I wouldn't be able to ship until Monday (fed-ex & ups is closed on Sunday) and semen would arrive Tuesday.

How to tell if your bitch is ready:

You Will first notice swelling around the vulva area, once you notice the swelling you will want to start wiping the vulva area once or twice a day with a tissue until you notice blood. Once you see blood on the kleenex count nine more days and do first breeding on the 10th day.

In early stages of heat bleeding flow will be heavy and dark red in color (before fertile stage). When bitch is in her prime (fertile stage) bleeding will slow down and turn a light pink or straw color. Towards the end of her heat after her prime (no longer in her fertile stage) the bleeding flow will turn heavy and dark red in color again. Another way to tell if your female is close to being ready is rub both sides of her vulva, if the bitch moves her rear in the direction you are rubbing most likely she is ready.

Most fertile days for bitches are usually between 9 & 14 days but can be as long as 21 days for some bitches therefore progesterone testing or home blood testing (target test) is highly recommended to pin point bitches most fertile days.

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