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Stud Service Contract

French Bulldog

Stud Service Contract                                                                        


1. Pay agreed stud service fee before bitch is serviced. $____________

2. Provide picture & 3 generation pedigree of bitch to stud owner before servicing.

3. Agrees to use full shipment of semen received in one insemination.

4. Agree to provide stud dog owner statement from a licensed veterinarian no later then 70 days after mating if no pregnancy results from mating. Failure to do so will result in no return service.

5. Keep bitch properly confined following breeding to ensure no other dog could mate her accidentally before mating season is finished.

6. Agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer puppies whelped as a result of this mating to any person or firm connected with the business of resale or wholesale of dogs.

7. If a return service is required, bitch owner is required to pay $200.00 for shipping kit & shipping for return service as well as $200.00 for each shipment required thereafter (shipping cost may vary depending on region),

8. Notify stud owner of first day of heat.

9. Agree to provide stud owner with date of birth, number of puppies & picture of litter within two days of birth.

Dam's Registration Name: _________________________________________

Dam's AKC #: ___________________________________________________

Bitch Owner (Print): ______________________________________________

Address: _______________________________________________________


Phone Number: _________________________________________________

Bitch Owner Signature: ___________________________________________


1. Provide bitch owner with a 3 generation pedigree of stud dog.

2. Have stud dog in good physical condition.

3. Sign litter registration promptly and return to bitch owner.

4. Provide a return service to same bitch within a year if no pregnancy resulted from mating at no charge.


1. To receive return service bitch owner must provide stud dog owner a verification statement from a licensed veterinarian that full shipment of semen was used in each AI and bitch failed to conceive not more than 70 days following mating. If stud is no longer available for whatever reason for return service stud owner reserves the right to offer a different stud to bitch owner.

2. One live puppy constitutes a litter.

3. This contract is terminated if bitch fails to conceive on return service.

Stud Owner Sig.: ______________________________  Date: _____________