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Advance Deposits

Deposit amount is $500.00

Before or at the time deposits placed an advance deposit agreement must be filled out and signed by interested party and seller. The purpose for this agreement is to assure interested party a return of deposit if female doesn't take or there isn't a likeable puppy in the litter. This agreement is a legal document that will stand up in any court of law.

The purpose of the advance deposits is to reserve a puppy from a litter that is not born yet. to be the first or next in line for pick of the litter when litter does arrive. Litter picks are given in the order deposits are placed, for example, if I announce on the "Up Coming Litters" page that I am taking deposits for the third pick of the litter, this means there are two deposits currently placed on the litter, First placed deposit would get first pick of the litter following transfers (see below) & breeders choice, then second pick and so on.

Once the litter is born, everyone that placed an advance deposit will be contacted by text or email that the litter has arrived. I will also contact everyone again at a later date to announce the scheduled date to view the puppies. I will provide good quality pictures and videos for those that cannot make the scheduled view date. All advance deposits are required to make their puppy choice by puppies two week old birthdate.

Advance deposits are FULLY REFUNDABLE if the female doesn't take or the color or sex of the puppy is not correct. Advance deposits become NON-REFUNDABLE once a puppy is selected from the litter & deposit amount of $500.00 will be deducted from final balance owed when puppy is picked up.

If there isn't a puppy in the litter you like or we don't have enough puppies to fill the deposits we have collected, anyone that has placed a deposit can request their deposit back or have the option to transfer to the next litter. If Transfer Is chosen it will go buy date the deposit was placed therefore will have FIRST PICK before any new deposits on the next up coming litter. Transfers and refunds will be handled in the order they were received.
NOTE: Breeders Choice (If There Is One) Is Priority Over Transfers And Picks.

To View the advance Deposit Agreement Click On This Link >>>>>>> Advance Deposit Agreement

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